Thursday, July 9, 2009

Don't get $tuck in the meDia

Eyeliner. Black leather. Electric guitars. And black? It may seem like a new growing subculture of revolting black teens on the mainstream circuit, but this isn't the case at all.

The concept of afropunks, or blacks involved in the alternative lifestyle of rock music, extreme sports, and piercings -- all bottled with flare -- has been around since the brink of the Civil Rights Movement. Better yet, since inception of rock music.

Noted as the first all black rock band, Pure Hell was formed in 1974 at a time when the energy in New York City sparked progression, social change, and an aim for something new. As the nations first recognized all black rock band in a predominantly white-punk music scene, Pure Hell dished the expected soul sound for blacks in the 70's and cranked their electric guitars.

And a decade before Pure Hell was even formed, there was Jimi Hendrix-- who headlined the explosive Woodstock Festival in 1969. Jimi was and STILL is known internationally for his albums, Electric Ladyland (1968), Axis: Bold as Love (1967), and Are You Experienced (1967).

For black grundge bands, like Pure Hell, and rock icons, like Jimi, their music and fashion was their own way of life. It wasn't popularized in their culture, but they made it their own. They claimed it.

But despite the headway that many black punk artists have made, the media has done very little to mainstream and popularize their image. It's almost like a secret for blacks to listen to white punk artists, for fear that they are somehow disowning their black culture.
And because the media has done very little in accepting this genre for black artists, the D.I.Y (Do it yourself) foundation, and many other progressive artists are striving to change the sterotypes that distinguish race and music choice. There should not only be one white rap star- Eminem is not the only white boy who can rap **surprise if you didn't know that** and Lenny Kravitz is not the only black man in 2009 that can hold a guitar. Where are the asian rappers? The hispanic rock$tars?

They are out there and have been out there for a while.
You shouldn't depend on the media to tell you what to listen to, what to like, and who you should be because of your skin color. Create your own image and make it your own.
Free your mind. We've been waiting for you.
Peace, Blessings, and above all, Love.


  1. Look at this

    Great documentary on the movement. Love your work.

  2. Thanks. And yes, i've seen the video. Good look on the link though.

  3. preach ! i get annoyed when all i see in the media about blacks are hiphop vids with guys grabbing thier crotch in diamond earrings. thanks for this post xoxo

  4. The band in the first pic is Black Death. I never was stoked on their music, but I definitely have to give them their propers. Imagine how tough it must have been.