Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brooklyn rollerblader killed in shooting

He wanted to go pro.

But at 18-years-old, dreams of ripping down ramps on his rollerblades came to an early end for Brian Scott Jr., when he was shot and killed on Park Side Avenue Tuesday night.

Police say that Brian, a well known black rollerblader in Brooklyn, NY, had no affiliation with the gun fire that hit him twice in the chest and his friends in the arm. At the time of the shooting, Brian was sitting in a bodega, eating and enjoying his youth with his friends.

There is no word yet on the gun man, but a surveillance camera recorded the scene.

Many condolences to Brian's family from Afro$punky and the Afro-punk community.


Black Stacy - Saul Williams

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  1. !!!!Wow!!!
    Very unfortunate, nonetheless, nothing in nature is a mistakes, he's among the Gods of gods, and Kings of Kings...ashes to ashes dust to dust, he's hovering over us...no heaven can contain him for the entir Universe is now his domain...hotep!