Monday, August 17, 2009

Top 10 finds: ladie$ bikes and boards under $200 in Brooklyn

There is nothing spunkier than seeing a lady hop on a bicycle or zip by you on her skateboard. As a male dominated hobby and sport, ladies tend to shy away from biking and skating to keep up with their feminine image. However, after speaking with several successful guys around the city, it appears that seeing a lady on wheels often times exhibits confidence (the, "I don't care if I am the only girl doing this," vibe), social awareness (riding is good for the environment), independence (yes, I can take myself to the library myself, thanks), and just overall coolness.

(Some guys also noted that riding a bike or skateboarding also delicately tones the thighs, gluts, and calve muscles).

So, to further encourage ladies to maximize their mobility rights and to give NY guys a run (or skate) for their money, I have decided to post the ten best finds of vintage ladies bikes and skateboards for sale in Brooklyn under $200.00. If you find anymore or are selling a bike or board, please post the information of the wheels and the price, along with the sellers contact information under the comment section.

Don't forget to e-mail me at Thanks and happy riding ladies!

  • Vintage ladies ranger. 10 speed road bike. Blue. $120.00. Location: Carroll Gardens. Free delivery. 347-371-7617. E-mail:

  • Lightweight ladies cruiser. 10 speed. Metallic blue. $175.00. Location: Williamsburg. Pick up L-train, Bedford Ave stop. 646-705-2531.

  • Schwinn ladies road bike. 10 speed. Silver. $180.00. Free delivery. 718-930-8586.

  • Huffy ladies mountain bike. 18 speed. Black. $ 140.00. Location: Park Slope. 347-539-2073.

  • Stalker ladies mountain bike. 12 speed. Blue. $70.00. Location: Carroll Gardens. Free delivery. 347-371-7617.

  • Murray team ladies road bike. 10 speed. Light blue. $120.00. Attached w/ folding basket. Location: Astoria. 718-395-2275.


  1. can you do one for guys, yea, thanks!

  2. Ha, no problem. I'll work on it.

  3. i need to learn how to skateboard.

  4. Not only does it exhibit confidence, social awareness, independence, and overall coolness, I thinks its kinda sexy. Not in all circumstances, but most : )

  5. Fsck...get a board and learn. Start with a big downward hill, then everything else after that should be easy. :)

    Bk Ninja...thanks for digging chicks on bikes. And you're right, not in all circumstances, but most. lol